At Coromandel, we are committed to making food chain more sustainable and enable farmers to improve productivity and address world hunger. Our business solutions are closely integrated to drive sustainability across the farming value chain by balancing nutrient needs, improving pest management practices, and adopting technology to maximize resource use efficiency and drive farm profitability.

We engage with the communities to build stronger linkages and carefully foster our environment and ecosystem. We promote an inclusive and equitable organizational culture to nurture talent.

What Sustainability Means to Us?

Feeding the Planet, the right way - Product Stewardship

Protecting the Earth - Environment Care

Societal Engagement

Employee Focus

What was once a land with a marshy water-logged area has today transformed into a serene, lush green belt proving to be an ideal habitat for countless diverse species of birds while greatly contributing to biodiversity and conservation of the ecosystem



Employee well-being and capability development remains at the forefront of our business approach and is being recognized as a key component for achieving organizational goals



We have a strong commitment towards societal engagement and are focused towards bringing inclusive growth and development through various need-based interventions



As a leading agri solutions provider in India, we constantly operate and transact in an environment that closely impacts the ecology and touches the society at large