Empowering India with
Sustainable Energy

Achieving global sustainable development goals

Fuji Electric is on a mission to create a responsible and sustainable society. Our corporate philosophy, management policies, and investments in emerging technologies are contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Environmental Vision 2050 targets carbon neutrality across our supply chain; the promotion of green supply chains and 3R activities to reduce environmental impact to zero; and corporate activities that contribute to biodiversity.

Case Study

Contributing to agricultural development in rural India with solar power technology

Supporting isolated communities with insufficient
power supply

In many rural communities in India, groundwater is pumped up and used for farmland. Farmers are typically dependent on diesel or electric pump systems to pump water to their land, which is inefficient – and costly. As the power supply is unreliable, farmers must wait hours for working electricity, or travel long distances to buy expensive diesel to fuel their pumps

Increasingly, across the country, sustainable and self-dependent solar power facilities are proving valuable energy sources where the power grid is insufficient. The Indian government is investing in solar pump inverters to meet growing demand.

However, these inverters are installed in environments which are difficult to access to carry out maintenance and repairs. Robust and reliable inverters are required to support the vision for agricultural development and economic growth.


(Top) A FRENIC-Ace inverter housed in a control panel
(Bottom) Solar panels and a control panel

Designing and delivering advanced technology for local needs

Fuji Electric uses MPPT control technology for its inverters, which has evolved from the design and development of power conditioning systems (PCS). This technology maximizes the amount of power generated by finding the maximum output point of solar cells. The efficient MPPT system reduces the dependency on good weather and enables communities to get water anytime they need.


In 2022, we introduced a larger capacity inverter, the FRENIC-Ace, to power larger solar pumps, and transferred design functions from Japan to India to better customize our products for local requirements.


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With a robust build, future-ready pump control functions, and low maintenance and operating requirements, Fuji Electric’s FRENIC- Ace solar pump inverter is designed to deliver high performance in harsh environments.

Our Products

AC Drives Inverter / VFD

Fuji Electric’s strength is incorporating our core technologies and critical knowledge into systems and solutions that support our mission of creating harmony with the environment.

Our inverters are customized and optimized for India’s needs, providing a positive contribution to agricultural development without negative impact. Our energy-efficient technologies add value through renewable energy and low maintenance and operating costs compared to traditional pumps. Our sturdy inverters with future-ready pump control functions are built to last in harsh environments.

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We, Fuji Electric, pledge as responsible corporate citizens in a global society to
strengthen our trust with communities, customers and partners.
Our mission is to:


To be enthusiastic, ambitious and sensitive.


Our Business

Fuji Electric has been supporting social and industrial infrastructure through our core technology development.

As well as power semiconductor and power electronics solutions, our energy and environment businesses are 

looking to renewable energy to achieve the worldwide goal of a decarbonized society.


By developing these products as key energy-saving devices and integrating them with our comprehensive

engineering services for our customers, we are contributing to the realization of this goal – and a cleaner,

greener future for our global society.

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